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Boldly Announce Your Ministries and Missions Through Open Church

Open Church is a platform to help you spread the word about your ministries and the ongoing efforts to make a difference.  We would use this area to tell others about the overall mission of your church and how and where your ministries are headed.  

Spread the word through the use of the internet where you can keep everyone informed of all the activities, needs, and events.  Now with open church you don't have to have a full time web staff to spread the word, you can start for free, and the add features as you grow.  If your church grows to a point you want more customization or features we're here to help either directly or by connecting you with one of our approved partners.

At St. Mary's, we have a licence to show films in our Church Hall. We do this on Thursday evenings every 4-6 weeks.
First Confession and Holy Communion preparation Children aged 8 (Y4) or above are invited to join the First Confession and Holy Communion preparation classes.
The local Church of England parish, St Saviour's has set up a food bank to help out local people who struggle to feed themselves or their family.
Monday 31st October 2016
Because the Catholic Church has such high regard for the Sacrament of Marriage, she wants all who are approaching this life-long and immensely important sacrament to understand what Christian marr
The music group at St Mary's provides music for the Sunday morning mass. The group comprises of an organ, guitars, a recorder and singers.
The Parish Forum meets once every two months to discuss all spiritual, financial and social matters relating to St Mary's.